Got Schmilk?

When I first started selling my own homemade soylent online, the recipe everyone wanted was People Chow 3.0.1, the most popular recipe on the DIY Soylent website.

Back then, almost no one had tried official Soylent yet, and I hadn’t come up with Schmoylent yet either. So naturally, people wanted what was popular, with a catchy name. Hence, People Chow.

Naturally, People Chow has some things going for it – it’s cheap and nutritious, and not too hard to make. But it doesn’t taste too good, and the texture is thick and gritty. Yum!

Not too long after I started this website, I made a slight modification to the People Chow formula, substituting a plain multivitamin powder and stevia for the milk-based and sucralose-sweetened GNC Mega Men Sport multivitamin powder, and called it People Fuel Plain. So, maybe a little more natural and safer for those with lactose intolerance, but not really any better on the taste and texture front. In fact, it’s arguably worse, to the extent that you can tell the difference.

But People Fuel Plain is still one of the top five most popular products I sell here. Why? Because it’s only $60 per week – the cheapest 2000-calorie blend you can get.

Time to fix that.


Introducing Schmilk, the new cheapest 2000-calorie blend here on Custom Body Fuel. No water or oil. Just add milk.

At only $55 for a week’s worth, and $180 for a month’s worth, it’s by far my cheapest option, even when you include the price of the milk you mix it with each day.

And even better, it tastes good. Way better than People Chow or People Fuel. And it’s smooth – smoother than Schmoylent, and definitely smoother than People Chow.

And just like Schmoylent, it comes in four flavors – plain, original, cinnamon, and of course, chocolate.

So instead of getting a sample of People Fuel Plain in the Schmoylent Sampler now, you’ll get Schmilk. I think this will be a good thing.

If you can drink milk, there’s no reason not to try it.

Got Schmilk? ;)