Packing It All Out

As you may have heard, Custom Body Fuel is closing up shop. In a few weeks, we’ll be setting up at a shiny new facility and opening for orders as Super Body Fuel.

But for now, we’re going dark.

More than the usual Monday pickup.

Last week we had a big influx of last-call orders from our regular customers. A lot of people wanted to make sure they’d have enough fuel to last them for the next few weeks of transition.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to place an order for this closing sale – it’s very encouraging to see how many people continue to depend on Custom Body Fuel. Thank you! :) We won’t let you down.

So, this week, we’ll be mixing up the remaining orders and shipping them out as fast as we can. No new orders will be accepted this week, but if we have any extra product left over we’ll make those available on the site once all existing orders have shipped.

Of course, we’re also busy getting ready for Super Body Fuel at the same time! New recipes, new packaging, a new website… Somehow we’ll find time for it all. :p

Well, I’d better get back to work. Let me know if you have any questions though. ;)