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Schmoylent First Impressions

The first impressions of Schmoylent, my new Soylent imitation, have hit the web! :D My first Schmoylent customer, @tomatobasil, posted this Saturday to say: I drank my first glass of Schmoylent this morning. I like the slightly sweet, oaty, slightly vanilla flavor. The fine grittiness present immediately after mixing is mostly gone, replaced by a smoother […]

My Soylent Story

I first heard about Soylent in February of 2013. It’s “essentially a potion that contains all nutritive essentials”, my friend said, emailing me a link to How I Stopped Eating Food, the blog post that started it all. A complete, all-in-one meal drink? I thought it was a cool idea. I’ve always been a fan of Michael Pollan (The […]

Under Construction

Just got this site up today, with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin! :) Not much to see yet – I still have to actually write all the text for the pages and the product descriptions. But the online store should be functional. Hopefully if the sun is out this weekend I can take some nice […]