Schmoylent… Now with Flavor!

Two months ago, I sent out seven samples of a new Schmoylent formula to seven Schmoylent customers.

Instead of maltodextrin, a pure starch derived from corn, the new formula uses rice flour. I’ve been eager to stop using maltodextrin, given its highly processed nature, its propensity for feeding yeast, its adverse effect on dental health, and the way the fine particles would cloud the air when you pour a giant bag of it into a container, coating every surface in the room with a dusting of sticky white powder.

But it took me two months to finally perfect the recipe, the production method, and stock up on enough of it to ensure a quick turnaround time once people actually start ordering.

And now, it’s ready.

NEW! Now with flavor!

I totally came up with this all by myself.

Not only that, but it’s available in four flavors. I’ve taken the additions that have been the most popular among my customers, cinnamon and chocolate, and included those along with the usual vanilla. And now there is also the option to get an unsweetened, unemulsified plain Schmoylent as well.

Some goes for Schmoylent Clean if you need a gluten-free version.

Let me know what you think! :D