Archive / February, 2015

An Epic Equipment Quest

Have you seen this Joylent video? Joylent, the leading Dutch competitor to Rosa Labs’ Soylent, has their own production facility, with a big, industrial mixing machine, and a big warehouse full of pallet racks and mountains of stuff. Needless to say, I’m super jealous. ;) So, I realized I needed to get a mixing machine […]

Schmoylent Classic… It’s People!

No, wait – I mean, “Schmoylent Classic… It’s Here, People!” ;) Back when I was first designing my now-famous recipe┬áSchmoylent, I tried to make it pretty similar to official Soylent. But I didn’t try that hard. I used more oat flour, for one thing, and less of the fast-burning maltodextrin, because I wanted to stay […]