Schmoylent Classic… It’s People!

No, wait – I mean, “Schmoylent Classic… It’s Here, People!” ;)

Back when I was first designing my now-famous recipe Schmoylent, I tried to make it pretty similar to official Soylent. But I didn’t try that hard. I used more oat flour, for one thing, and less of the fast-burning maltodextrin, because I wanted to stay full for longer. And I used some different, more natural flavorings and such. So it tasted a bit different, more like oatmeal, more like pancake batter – with a thicker texture, too.

Some people liked that better, some didn’t. It was fine.

But occasionally I’d wonder how hard it would be to make something that was exactly like official Soylent 1.0, something that not only matched it nutritionally, but with taste and texture as well.

And after a lot of tweaking and tasting, I finally came up with Schmoylent Classic, a full DIY equivalent to Rosa Labs’ Soylent. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so:

Hey Axcho! I made a batch of your Schmoylent original that you recently posted and it is great! It tastes exactly like 1.0 Soylent!

So. Given that I’m not eager to start using a ton of maltodextrin again, and I don’t really want to step on Rosa Labs’ toes by selling a more-or-less exact copy of their product, I won’t be adding this directly to my product catalog.

Schmoylent Sampler

Instead, I’ve created a Schmoylent Sampler pack that includes every flavor of Schmoylent, plus the new Schmoylent Classic, so you can easily compare Schmoylent with Soylent.

People have been begging me for this for a long time. Since, I don’t know – June 19 of last year, maybe? ;) I just hadn’t gotten around to making all the necessary code changes behind the scenes. Kind of like I hadn’t gotten around to adding photos? :p

Anyway, finally, you can get a sample pack at a decent price. Seven bags of seven flavors, for the cost of a week’s worth of Schmoylent. Or Schmoylent Clean, if you want it gluten-free.

Want some? :)

If a lot of people like this sampler idea, I can make more! Can you imagine a Keto Sampler…?