Custom Body Fuel Is Closing

It’s true – at this end of this month, Custom Body Fuel will no longer exist.

But in June, production will officially begin at Super Body Fuel, in a new, health-department-approved facility. It’s been long overdue, I know.

Super Body Fuel is just the beginning (stay tuned!) but in order to make a business that can scale with demand, I have to make some sacrifices. And the first and biggest sacrifice is custom recipes.

This has not been an easy decision to make, but I’m finally dropping the “Custom” from “Custom Body Fuel” in order to focus on providing a selection of standardized recipes that cover all but the most specialized dietary needs, at a higher quality, faster shipping time, and better price.

Of course, I would feel really guilty to leave any of my customers high and dry without an alternative, so I’ve asked Blake Villwock of Powder Chow to take on the “custom recipe” mantle and be my successor in the DIY Soylent community, and he has generously agreed.

So if you have a need for a custom recipe now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact him. He will help you out.

Super Body Fuel will offer improved versions of the standard Custom Body Fuel recipes: Schmoylent, Schmilk, Athlete Fuel, Keto Fuel, and Light Fuel. I’m still finalizing the new recipes, but I will keep you posted on the specific improvements as I get them locked down.

This week, we’ll continue taking orders as usual for the standard recipes on Custom Body Fuel. Next Monday, May 18th, we will list whatever extra inventory we have for sale and sell that until we’re completely out of stock. Our goal is to ship out the last of the Custom Body Fuel orders by the following Monday, the 25th. During that final week of May, we’ll be moving out of our current Custom Body Fuel location and setting up in the new Super Body Fuel one. With any luck, production will begin at Super Body Fuel in June.

That means that you have until next Monday to order enough Schmoylent, Schmilk, Athlete Fuel, Keto Fuel, or Light Fuel to last you for a month. Any later and you’ll have to wait until we begin shipping at Super Body Fuel, sometime in June. If you need a custom recipe, talk to Blake.

On the bright side, I’m putting a 5% discount on everything at Custom Body Fuel this month, which you can access by using the coupon code MAYFLOUR when you check out. Enjoy! :)

Any questions or comments? Please feel free to contact me or post a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for everything.