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That’s All Folks!

We’ve closed the books on Custom Body Fuel. All orders have shipped, we’ve handed in the keys at our old space, and the website is no longer accepting new orders. From now on, you can order at Super Body Fuel instead. It’s been a good run. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible […]

Packing It All Out

As you may have heard, Custom Body Fuel is closing up shop. In a few weeks, we’ll be setting up at a shiny new facility and opening for orders as Super Body Fuel. But for now, we’re going dark. Last week we had a big influx of last-call orders from our regular customers. A lot […]

Custom Body Fuel Is Closing

It’s true – at this end of this month, Custom Body Fuel will no longer exist. But in June, production will officially begin at Super Body Fuel, in a new, health-department-approved facility. It’s been long overdue, I know. Super Body Fuel is just the beginning (stay tuned!) but in order to make a business that […]

Got Schmilk?

When I first started selling my own homemade soylent online, the recipe everyone wanted was People Chow 3.0.1, the most popular recipe on the DIY Soylent website. Back then, almost no one had tried official Soylent yet, and I hadn’t come up with Schmoylent yet either. So naturally, people wanted what was popular, with a catchy […]

An Epic Equipment Quest

Have you seen this Joylent video? Joylent, the leading Dutch competitor to Rosa Labs’ Soylent, has their own production facility, with a big, industrial mixing machine, and a big warehouse full of pallet racks and mountains of stuff. Needless to say, I’m super jealous. ;) So, I realized I needed to get a mixing machine […]

Schmoylent Classic… It’s People!

No, wait – I mean, “Schmoylent Classic… It’s Here, People!” ;) Back when I was first designing my now-famous recipe Schmoylent, I tried to make it pretty similar to official Soylent. But I didn’t try that hard. I used more oat flour, for one thing, and less of the fast-burning maltodextrin, because I wanted to stay […]

NEW! Now with flavor!

Schmoylent… Now with Flavor!

Two months ago, I sent out seven samples of a new Schmoylent formula to seven Schmoylent customers. Instead of maltodextrin, a pure starch derived from corn, the new formula uses rice flour. I’ve been eager to stop using maltodextrin, given its highly processed nature, its propensity for feeding yeast, its adverse effect on dental health, […]

Schmoylent First Impressions

The first impressions of Schmoylent, my new Soylent imitation, have hit the web! :D My first Schmoylent customer, @tomatobasil, posted this Saturday to say: I drank my first glass of Schmoylent this morning. I like the slightly sweet, oaty, slightly vanilla flavor. The fine grittiness present immediately after mixing is mostly gone, replaced by a smoother […]

My Soylent Story

I first heard about Soylent in February of 2013. It’s “essentially a potion that contains all nutritive essentials”, my friend said, emailing me a link to How I Stopped Eating Food, the blog post that started it all. A complete, all-in-one meal drink? I thought it was a cool idea. I’ve always been a fan of Michael Pollan (The […]

Under Construction

Just got this site up today, with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin! :) Not much to see yet – I still have to actually write all the text for the pages and the product descriptions. But the online store should be functional. Hopefully if the sun is out this weekend I can take some nice […]